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Change can be daunting.

Change can be hard.

Change can be scary.

Change is exciting.

Change is worth it.

A few months ago I made a really difficult decision to step way from a job I love and last week I stepped out of the classroom as a class teacher for the last time (for now). It was a decision that was made over a lot of tears and sleepless nights, and that is before I even spoke with people about it. I had to sit uncomfortably with it for a while before I was ready to talk about it with my tribe.

I realised throughout all the emotions I was feeling that there was an element of excitement that was on a very slow burn, gradually getting bigger. This make it easier to sit through the uncomfortable moments.

This change is going to push me to limits I haven't known before. Yes I have a job to go to Monday to Friday, but it will be a push to make ends meet. However, the new job will allow me to have more time to develop The Organised Aussie. It's a risk, a gamble, I know that I am going to really have to work hard to make this work, but I am excited about it.

It was interesting for me to see how my students (and colleagues) reacted to the news that not only was I leaving the school, but I was leaving teaching. There were a lot of tears, a lot of questions, and a lot of genuine 'good for you' moments. One of my students even said, 'you work so hard miss, you deserve a break.'

The final couple of weeks were tough, but it was great to be able to show them how it's OK to have mixed feelings about things AND that it is ok to show these feelings. I felt this was particularly important to be showing the student who was moving to a new school, knowing that it is ok to be both sad and excited about something. As a class we decided that it is ok to show emotions through our eyes, and it's good to because then you don't have to explain to people who you are feeling.

All of that got me thinking about my work as The Organised Aussie. Sometimes it can be hard deciding that you need to change some systems in your home, or to realise that you need help in order to do that. It is challenging to ask someone into your home to look at the things you own and where you have them. But if the possibilities it could bring also excites you, then it is worth doing. Allow yourself to sit uncomfortably in the moment, think about the mixed feelings that you have, think about if there is a growing excitement. If there is, go for it. Challenge yourself. Allow yourself to be challenged. You never know how good it could be until you let go and try.

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