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Since having my baby 6 months ago, everything at home fell to the bottom of my priorities. Things began piling up and everything became too much and I was very overwhelmed. I didn't know where to start to gain back control and order in a way that would help me to stay on top of things, so I reached out to Louise for help. On this occasion I asked for her help with the bedrooms. She was kind, understanding and non-judgemental which I really appreciated. She helped me to organise everything in a really simple way, giving me ideas and tips to help with storage and tidiness. Several weeks later and everything still has a home and is still tidy! Something else that made me grateful to Louise was how great she was with my baby. She didn't mind that he was with me when she came to help and actually played with him at times to give me a little time to move things to different rooms. Louise's help even gave me the confidence to tackle some other rooms at home. Thank you for making everything feel better and a lot more managable.

- Fulham, September 2022


I have called on Louise a number of times to come and help me with my organisation and decluttering. I am the worst at keeping on top of the mess and clutter that's involved when one lives with a builder, 2 boys and 2 cats! Louise had taught all of us healthy habits, habit that the males in my life have taken on board, making all of our lives so much easier. A common question that arises when we want to make an unnecessary purchase is "what would Louise say?!"

She has definitely been my savior on many an occasion.

- Wimbledon, June 2022


I needed some paperwork organising so I contacted Lou. She arranged a video call so I could show her what needed doing and she asked lots of questions to be clear on the job. We arranged for her to come over while I was at work to minimise contact (covid!) so I got her a spare key to come at her convenience.

I thought this would be a fairly quick job of labeling paperwork, but Lou made me realise just how much clutter I had! She was so efficient and streamlined all of the paper, getting rid of extra copies of things and organising it all effectively.

She didn't throw anything out until she checked with me that I was comfortable doing so and she made sure to erase sensitive info from anything that was thrown out.
I am so pleased with her services and would totally recommend. Even if you think you are a fairly organised person, you need Lou's expertise in you life!

- Walton, May 2021


Professional, friendly, easy to work with, a wealth of knowledge in her area of expertise.

Oh my goodness, a godsend!

Louise has helped me organise my conservatory and my spare room (also known as the dumping ground.) It has done wonders for my peace of mind, knowing I can walk in and find what I need rather than making a mess in an attempt to find things.

- Wimbledon, Jan 2021


After giving birth to my son early, I engaged Louise's services to help convert my home office to a nursery. This involved her setting up and organising both my sons wardrobe and changing table. All the clothes were sorted according to size and an efficient and easy system was put into that has been tested several times with a 2am change of clothes. 

I can not recommend Louise's services enough. She was thoughtful, thorough and did an excellent job. Thank you!

- Addlestone, Dec 2020

Feedback from Course 

Course Title : Professional Decluttering and Organising Business Diploma - Centre of Excellence

Overall Grade : Distinction

Assessor Feedback: An extraordinary result, well done. Louise's work was detailed, explanatory and clearly communicated; this demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the course material. She should be proud of reaching such excellent grades in each of the assessments. It was a pleasure to mark Louise's work.

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