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Organisation and Mental Health

It is no secret that the development of this business stemmed from me looking after my mental health. The last few weeks have really highlighted to me the benefits that having order and organisation systems have for supporting poor mental health.

A few weeks ago I tore my calf muscle at my Monday - Friday job. I do not recommend it, very painful. 10/10 a bad idea. It meant that getting around was a slow process, and any spare time I had, my priority was to ice and elevate the leg. As a result, many things in my home got overlooked and it was not at its tidiest by far. If the washing got done, it wasn't put away, things that I wanted in reaching distance where I sat with my leg elevated were not tidied away. I didn't hoover or mop or wipe down the sink. I didn't even make my bed properly. For someone who usually lives a fairly active life and keeps a tidy home, this was all really hard. I was definitely in a low period.


As I healed and was able to do more for longer amounts of time, it was so easy to get back on top of things. Everything has a place, so once I folded all the clothes, it was easy to put away, all the things that were living in reaching distance in case I wanted them all returned to their homes. Then a quick dust and a hoover and I felt more like me again because I was no longer looking at clutter. Despite having felt entirely overwhelmed by it all when I was unable to move around comfortably for 2 weeks, it only took a couple of hours to feel on top of things again.

The beauty of organisation, of everything having a place.

Being organised is not about having everything tidy all the time, it's about only having what you need and knowing where everything is and belongs, so that it is EASY to put things away when you are finished with them and that you are not needing to find space to store unnessecary belongings.

The impact that this has on your mental health can be incredible. Looking at clear areas, knowing where everything is, and it not a huge effort to put things away when you do have the energy or motivation means that things are managable when is hard. And really easy when you are well. It is worth putting the time and effort in so that systems are in place to make your life easier.

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