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We all need to start somewhere!

Lockdown living has encouraged a lot of us to think about the spaces that we live in and the items that we surround ourselves with. It seems as though everyone did a bit of a clear out in the first London lockdown, I think we all had a lot of spare time on our hands. I know however, that a lot of things ended back where they were, folded more neatly (I'm sure some of you started file folding like Marie Kondo so you could see everything in your drawers). This may not have been maintained though as that space may not be the best place to store those things, even though it is where you always have put them.

I have done the clear out too, and haven't stopped. I have rearranged the furniture in the whole flat, my bedroom twice, and have shifted things between shelves and drawers, organised and re organised to find the best options. Once I was done in my flat, my ever patient neighbour let me invade her kitchen and do the same there.

This all got me thinking about two things. Firstly, how much I enjoy sorting through things and organising them, I find it so satisfying. Secondly, that my friends regularly ask me to do things like this in their homes because it is something I am good at. I decided I need to make something of it. We all need something in our lives that we enjoy!

Alongside this, I have been dealing with supporting my own mental health as the expectiations and pressures of being a primary school teacher is tough. Having a focus on setting up The Organised Aussie has helped me to think about my work-life balance and what I need in order to keep myself happy and motivated.

As we move further along the 'roadmap' set out by the government for coming out of lockdown, I am sure people are once again thinking about getting their homes in order before having people around again. This is where I come in! I can support you either remotely via video calls and specific tasks, or come in and do it in person.

So far many friends have benefited from my support and I would love to extend that reach. The recent program on BBC1, Sort Your Life Out, with Stacey Soloman has made this even more clear to me how much people sometimes just need a little bit of support, some fresh eyes and a detachment from the items, to help you create more order and a sense of clam in your home. It is so easy to put things off because the task seems to big, and before you know it, it all seems out of hand. This is where I like to help. I want to help you put that organisation back into your lives, deal with the things that have been 'hanging over you' so that you can sit back and enjoy the space you live in.

I get such a sense of satisfaction knowing that I am helping others and giving them the tools to reduce some of the stress in their own lives. You may want me to come in just once to get a start on things for you, or maybe you want me to come in regularly to maintain systems in your home so that it is one less thing for you to think about. Either way, I would love for you to get in touch to see how I can help you.

Louise x

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